Nunn-Perry Award

In 2008, California Amforge Corporation received the prestigious Nunn-Perry Award for outstanding performance in the United States Defense Department's Mentor-Protege Program, along with its mentor company, Rolls Royce North America. While 150 companies were active in the Program, only eight were selected to receive the award. Created in 1990 by former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn and implemented by former Defense Secretary William Perry, the Nunn-Perry award is designed to foster and recognize successful examples of partnership under the Mentor-Protege Program. The Program is designed to assist smaller businesses by partnering them with larger defense contractors, with a focus on making their systems and manufacturing practices more competent and efficient. The purpose of the Program is to enhance competitive support from the smaller and more specialized sector of the supply chain, in order to expand and develop the contributions of those companies to the nation's defense.

2008 Nunn-Perry Award

2008 Nunn Perry Award

2008 Nunn-Perry Award Ceremony

2008 Nunn Perry Award Ceremony